Hes definately a Foodie

He's definitely a Foodie

Where the hell did the term foodie come from. People love to bestow the noble title on themselves and others these days. Oh, I’m a foodie…or Ummmm my friend would love this, she’s a foodie. It gets thrown all over the place and for what purpose. In general it means you are just going to be a pain in the ass and ignorantly comment on the food you eat and wine you drink that was prepared and served by people that know more than you. The new wikipedia definition of foodie is Foodie-People that have no formal culinary training or restaurant experience expressing their opinions generated from home cooking and a community of restaurants which the majority of don’t even own a decanter.

Whatever happened to the term diner. As in one who dines. Someone who loves food and goes out to support local business and experience what they have to offer. Someone who isn’t only focused on accumulating another hip restaurant to their repertoire, or being able to tell all their other foodie friends about how the restaurant they ate at didn’t prepare carbonara the way it should be made. The people I know and respect when it comes to food and wine wouldn’t be caught dead calling themselves a foodie or anyone else. It seems to destroy everything enjoyable about being a diner. Please stop, or collectively redefine it. As for me, I will tell you my name, rather than tell you I’m a foodie, and hopefully if I like your place, you will get to know my name because I will come in and sample your delightful, delectable, and delicious treats on a regular basis. Lastly, foodie sounds a lot like fatty.

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6 Responses to “Foodie?”

  1. Do Bianchi Says:

    From the Oxford English Dictionary:


    [< FOOD n. + -Y suffix6. Compare FOODIST n.]

    A person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet.
    Sometimes distinguished from ‘gourmet’ as implying a broad interest in all aspects of food procurement and preparation.
    1982 V. WOODS et al. in Harpers & Queen Aug. 66/4 Foodies are foodist. They dislike and despise all non-foodies. 1982 Observer 10 Oct. 28/6 We foodies know her better as the author of the Penguin volume, ‘An Invitation to Indian Cooking’. 1986 Good Housek. Sept. 11/1 Although I am by no means a fully paid-up foodie, I do pride myself on being something of a connoisseur of menus. 2000 M. HUGHES World Food: Ireland 183 Never noted for its culinary dash, County Laois is generally overlooked by foodies.

    From Do Bianchi:

    Great post…

  2. rachaelonia Says:

    Hit the nail on the head!

  3. Katie Says:

    Hmm…I see your point…but to me, “foodie” doesn’t mean eating out in restaurants and critiquing wine, and snobbery is the farthest thing from it. To me being a “foodie” means loving everything and anything to do with food; cooking it, eating it, reading about it, talking about it…cookbooks and hand me down recipe cards, making homemade liquors, attempting gumbo for the first time, failing miserably at whole wheat pizza dough, having friends over for dinner, drinking waay too many glasses of wine with your girlfriends, stalking new kitchen stores for the perfect knife, asking for pyrex mixing bowls for Christmas, having a RIDICULOUS recipe collection that you could never possibly cook your way through even if you lived to be 100…well, you get the point.

  4. Chrissy Says:

    Benoit – being that you don’t sound like the type who’s ok with being wrong, after conveying your own (mis)perception of what a ‘Foodie’ is I hope you took the time to research the term further?? & if you haven’t already, just take a peek at Katie’s explanation above. She does VERY well to clear up any confusion. Well said, Katie!!

    • Benoit Says:

      I’m guessing you have never worked in a restaurant. I don’t really care what “foodies” do in the privacy of their home as Katie said, but there’s a reason for every stereotype and when it comes to foodies, they are highly regarded as a pain in the ass, rather than blessed diners that support local restaurants. I’m certainly ok with being wrong and I am sure there are exceptions, but the best regulars I see week after week, year after year, not one of them would describe themselves as a foodie. A diner, a patron, a friend, a regular, but never a foodie. They show up for the experience, not to take a chefs menu and destroy it with a multitude of requests and substitutions, or to check off some restaurant on a list or steal some recipe to impress their friends with at their next dinner party. Label yourself what you want, but the best so called foodies, don’t have the need to call themselves one.

  5. Chrissy Says:

    Hi Benoit – Yes, I’ve not only worked in restaurants but have owned one. And yes, I’ve had many pain in the ass patrons, but I wouldn’t go as far as to assume they consider themselves ‘Foodies’. And even if they do, how would one know? They don’t likely wear anything on their person representing themselves as such and I doubt that a patron who is being a pain in the ass would bring it up, like “I should know your food sucks, I’m a Foodie!”.

    A ‘Foodie” is simply an all-things-food hobbyist. That is not synonymous with snobbery or being a pain in the ass. Snobs & pains in the ass are who I think your real beef is with, as it should be, not Foodies in general.

    So, that said, maybe you see why I (still) back Katie’s definition of a ‘Foodie’. Foodies are varied & fulfill their love of all-things-food in many different ways & through many different venues. Some are snobs, most aren’t. Some are pains in the ass, most aren’t. Just as some diners, patrons, friends & regulars are snobs & pains in the ass. But most aren’t. Labels are bad, to subscribe to and reinforce them is worse.

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