Wine Tasting…Does it have to sound like you are an Invalid sucking Jello through a Straw

It airates the wine, coats the palate…yada yada. That slurping sound, the one you continue to make over and over while tasting the wine, just destroyed the wonderful images of the hills of Italia in my mind and imparted the times I spent walking through the halls of a convalescent hospital on the way to see my great grandpa. Is it really necessary, especially when the one who has spent nearly his entire life making the wine itself isn’t doing it. I fucking love wine, the flavours, the mystery, the making, all of it, and as hard as it is for me to say for that very reason, sometimes its not the most important thing. Sometimes you need to shut your mouth, or stop your goddamn slurping and allow for something else to take place. Recently, I had dinner at Lucques, openned a 1989 M. Chapoutier Syrah, had some rabbit, but I couldn’t tell you a damn thing about the tasting notes on the wine or how my rabbit was cooked. I could tell you how Sarte saved her life, how the maitre d’ was one of the best, and how it was perfectly wonderful, all of it. But the wine and the food, sorry I forgot.

It’s difficult when you love something so much and it’s such a integral part of your life, but sometimes you have to let it go and allow the wine and the food to simply be a framework. Like Anna Karenina in her black dress. Now I’ve become sentimental when all I wanted to say was quit your damn slurping, you ruined the serene afternoon I was enjoying getting to know an intriguing man by making it work.

Also, thanks to the green energy lady for encouraging me to keep writing. I imagine you to be a wonderful, granola eating, prius driving, kyoto protocol loving lady. And thanks to the squirrels that love me, here’s one for you…”You can’t use profanity in commercials it’s offensive…. Don’t tell me how to do my job, I don’t go down to your work and slap the dick out of your mouth” courtesy of Mr. Show, the most awesomest 90’s comedy.

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One Response to “Wine Tasting…Does it have to sound like you are an Invalid sucking Jello through a Straw”

  1. Do Bianchi Says:

    the squirrels do love you…

    and I so agree: what she wore and how Sartre saved her life mean so much more in life than the 89 Chapoutier, which was just a moment captured in a bottle, the juice and extracts of dead fruit that had been captured “as I lay dying” and preserved for one last gasp of air before returning to the earth.

    great post and such an important point (I think) to keep in mind when we fetishize wine…

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